Barn Shop ................ Next Splits on Road!!!!


Mucho split Bus por el Barn Shop de Sebs...



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woooooowwwww! :D

Posted by: Jason | 01/18/2011

Always a lots of split are at work......
And 4 other split are already paint but not on pics!!!! ;-)

Posted by: elpanel56 | 01/18/2011

good we must visit Sebs work shop one day...like the white samba

Posted by: Martin | 01/18/2011

This year the swap meet in Valence that days is celebrated?

Nice chip!!!

last year I was in the open doors on the ship and it was awesome!!!

Sorry for my english level!!jeje

Este año que dia se hace el swap meet de Valence?

Bonita nave

El año pasado ya estuve para el open doors y fué impresionate!!

Posted by: locovw (Gerard) | 01/18/2011

This year the swapmeet will be february the 27th!!
But without open door at barnshop this year!!!

Martin the 21 (grey and white), will be soon go for a belgium customer!!

Posted by: elpanel56 | 01/18/2011

Nice bus mate...
Loco que vas a subir a Valence este año????

Posted by: Martin | 01/19/2011

Es la intención Martín, pero antes se tiene que consultar en casa porque es una fecha un poco "especial" y no se aún.

Tu subes o que?


Posted by: locovw | 01/19/2011

ya. te entiendo.Yo tengo muchas ganas de ir a visitar a los chicos de Valance
siempre nos lo estan comentando.pero desde Asturias es la ostia de kilometros
nose aber lo que pasa..

Posted by: martin | 01/19/2011

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