Impresionante visita a WOLFSBuRGWEST gracias al Jefe Rich Morris .Thanks...Tambien estuvo Mr George del Buchers Shop con su Barndoor SingleCab del 54...George me comento que el anterior propietario tenia dos BD Pickups iguales.La otra la corto en cachos para hacer un espantapajaros...F*****



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Everydays is cool in California!!!!
Cool Shop, cool switter, and very cool Pick up with smooth gates!!!
I like do the same trip one day!!!

Posted by: elpanel56 | 10/15/2010

you should come to Cali some day.When Enoha is a bit bigger
so he can realy have a good time too....
you guys would love it here

Posted by: Martin | 10/16/2010

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