Job for BD MAFIA....


Visita a camp HERA uno del los Barndoor Mafia.Para echar una mano con sus viejos buses.Pasamos mas tiempo de risas que currando.Los que le conocen saben de que hablo.Que crack....... En la panel 54 ya esta lista la zona trasera...toca motor..









































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I see you spend good time with old rides!!!
The 54 panel 'll be soon on road, it'll be ready for next pomona??

Martin, you found your british dream car!!! ;-)

Posted by: elpanel56 | 10/14/2010

We will go to pomona on sunday in the 11 window BD.but we want to do as much as we can on the panel...
yeh thats funny the MR Bean mini...fuck its hot over here...

Posted by: Martin | 10/14/2010

"M. Bean" hehe

Posted by: Jason | 10/15/2010

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