DDk Sundat bugout...


Que Sorpresa al ver nuestros Rides en la portada del flyer del DDK Sunday Bugout...THANKS..



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Ya casi tan famosos como la Esteban!jajaja!

Posted by: Iñaki | 05/20/2010

Mi furgo!!! Y mis Fuchs!!! Jejejeje.

Posted by: Borja | 05/20/2010

claro bor..
no caia..

Posted by: Martin | 05/20/2010

Mi coche!!! y mis ex-fuchs!!! Jejejeje

Posted by: Alejandro | 05/20/2010

Nadie se ha dado cuenta en el photoshop que tiene la foto? jajaja!

Posted by: Iñaki | 05/21/2010

You're Welcom Your rides are pretty cool, i've took this picture @ the Bug spain (so have it hi-q if you want) Just let me know by mail
See you

Posted by: L'olive | 05/24/2010

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