21 roof


Sebs y Guillaume se pegan un viaje de 24h y de 1450KM para buscarle un techo 21 Window de un cliente..recien llegado de Quebec Canada..El Barn Shop le va a convertir su 11 ventanas en 21...








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That was a long trip, but cool!!!
That was fun to see the face of guys when Seb deciced to weld the roof on his trailer!!! ;-)

Posted by: elpanel56 | 09/30/2009

sebs is a weld freek
that man loves welding
you have the BD ......

Posted by: MARTIN | 09/30/2009

Seb can weld but he doesn't like car bodywork, there is good welder in his team!!! That's cool to be the boss!!! ;-)

The BD ..... is here, and soon it'll go back i hope!!!

Posted by: elpanel56 | 09/30/2009

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