Mate visits Sebs...


Los chicos del Barnshop ya han empezado con el nuevo projecto de Guillaume.No pondra fotos asta terminada.Pero el sabado estuvo en el taller de Sebs..y se tiro unas fotucas.








Mas Fotos en http://lowandslowvw-france.skynetblogs.be/ y muy prontito tendremos la secion Low & Slow UK...

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Great News!! Low And Slow Uk will have his blog too!!

Posted by: elpanel56 | 03/17/2009

Yes the UK crew are starting up there own page on the web.also thay went to the ACE cafe last night so they will have some fotos these days.theye have so many show in the UK they can go to.
there lucky...
take care Guillaume.

Posted by: Martin | 03/18/2009

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