LOW & SLOW plate.......


Queria darle las GRACIAS al colega Frances Guillaume de la Tribu de los Barn Shop.Por el Porta placas que nos manda de LOW & SLOW desde San Jose ,CALIFORNIA. 

BIG THANKS MATE............

 CRUSIN LOW & SLOW....... Viajo Despacito y Agachado.

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It's nothing important .. no 23BD !! ;-) It's just to thank you for T-shirt.
I was sure you like it!!
That pleases me

Last foto when it'll on your bus ass!

Posted by: elpanel56 | 10/22/2008

ok will do mate .
crusin Low & Slow Too..

Posted by: Martin | 10/22/2008

How cool is that Bro? Where can i get one from?

Posted by: Nandez1 | 10/22/2008

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